Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Seven Rivers Aviation’s aircraft maintenance division is a full-service facility offering a comprehensive range of services for the general aviation community. With a staff of friendly and experienced A&P Mechanics at the ready, Seven Rivers Aviation can handle essentials like annual inspections, oil changes, 100-hour inspections, and all the simple things, too, like adding air to the tires.

Seven Rivers Aviation’s professional mechanics have more than seventy years of combined expertise working on and maintaining turbines and reciprocating aircraft. They maintain twins, turbines, reciprocating, and light sport aircraft A well-maintained, well-stocked shop will impress the most experienced aviators. Expect professional, friendly experiences every time you interact with Seven Rivers’ staff

South Carolina Tax law HB3568 exempts Part 91 owner/operators of aircraft from paying taxes on maintenance and parts in South Carolina.

Services Available:

  • Annual Inspections

  • Airframe & Engine Repair

  • Oil Changes

  • Piston or Turbine

  • Single and Twin

  • Aces Cobra II Electronic Prop Balance

  • Light Sport Maintenance

  • Emergency Mechanics on Call

Call Justin or Mike at 843.527.7516 to discuss your maintenance needs and our reasonable shop rates.